How to Weave your Story into your Brand; A Checklist

Brand identity and packaging lay the foundation for your services/product. We work behind the scenes to carve a niche for your story and dreams.

The several facets of brand packaging and identity are more than picking colours and font styles, it’s narrating your vision, and expressing your intent behind the product/service. Here are some SPFs and eye masks to make brand identity a cool breeze on a humid day:

1. Identify your brand’s core values:

Identify your brand’s core values, this will help you determine what your brand stands for and the story it narrates. For instance, we worked on the entire visual identity and branding development for a holistic well-being brand – Vi&Ash to bring out the ease of self-care with just a single gummy!

2. Gain sight of your audience:

Picture your target audience and craft a story that resonates with them. For instance, a brand – Loud Skin – with a niche interest caters to a specific audience bracket, which will also guide your visual identity.

3. Determine your brand’s unique value:

Determining your brand’s USP (unique selling point) should be incorporated into creating a compelling story. Showcase uniqueness. Your USP is what sets your brand from the competitors.

4. Find your brand’s voice:

The tone and style of your storytelling should harmonise with your brand’s voice. Determine what voice is most authentic to your brand and use it consistently across all platforms.

5. Visuals matter:

Your visual identity doesn’t just stop with your brand guide. Tell your story through words and designs in blog posts, social media posts, videos, infographics, and more.

6. Incorporate storytelling into your customer experience:

Everybody loves a good story, that creates a memorable customer experience. Become a storyteller to your audience. Incorporate storytelling into your marketing efforts through email campaigns, ads, and sales presentations.

7. Don’t be scared to evaluate and iterate:

Periodically review and assess the effectiveness of your brand storytelling and branding efforts. Use this information to make adjustments and improve your strategy over time. Remember to adapt and move with your customer’s behaviour.

When you come to Summer Owl Studio, you are made aware and reminded of some essentials like an SPF on a bright sunny day. Brand identities and storytelling are like skincare routines, and they become the foundation to build on!

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