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Tales of Fur

Tales Of Fur is a brand that makes vegan and natural pet grooming products, including shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, creams and sprays.

The visual identity, branding, packaging design & website for Tales Of Fur is minimalistic yet vibrant. We have chosen a lot of simple graphics, colour-blocking and negative spaces with solid colours for this brand.

TOF started with a simple mission: To give namma Bengaluru’s pets the products they deserve to look & feel their best.
Easy-to-recognise and playful colours are how we approached this overall vibe and design for this project.


Tales of Fur


Pet Care Products & Accessories
Visual Identity, Branding, Packaging, Website, Photography, Social Media & Accessories Design

Our Take on the Visual Identity, Branding, Packaging Design

When it came to crafting the identity of Tales Of Fur (TOF), our vision was to create a delightful space that truly reflects the dedication and craftsmanship behind their pet grooming products and accessories.

Collaborating closely with the TOF team, we delved into their aspirations, the meticulous research underpinning their product range, and their desired image. Their vision was clear: they wanted to foster a community of storytellers who embody their values and provide nothing but the best for their furry companions.

Drawing from this valuable insight, we coined the brand name ‘Tales Of Fur’ and crafted a brand identity that exudes modernity, trustworthiness, approachability, and an undeniable dose of adorable charm!

📸 Packaging & Photography

We kept the packaging and photography colours playful and attractive to achieve the desired brand tone.

💻 Website Design & Development

We designed and developed a fully functional e-commerce website closely knitting in elements from their branding, including brand patterns crafted for them.

We didn't just stop at crafting their branding, packaging & website, we also designed their accessories!

Take a look at their range of dog collars and leashes, which we designed! We utilized the brand assets we created for them and further enhanced them for these accessories.

🤳🏽 Social Media Content Creation

Monthly content creation across graphics, photos, and reels.

Strategy & Creative Direction: Shriya Seshadri
Lead Graphic Designer: Shriya Seshadri
Graphic Designers: Ayushi Ujjainiya,
Esha Waghdhare
Junior Graphic Designers: Akshay Dhansoia, Shrin Sinha
UI/UX Designer: Aazam Sheikh Muhammad 
Photographer: Chaithraa Jagadeesha

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