• Website Design • Brochure Design • Poster Design
• Website Design • Brochure Design • Poster Design

SBF Healthcare

SBF Healthcare is an organisation dedicated to providing excellent medical services and a pioneer in cancer and arthritis-related medical research. A one-of-a-kind centre that is committed to using high-end technology for effective treatment.

Our goal was to revamp their website design and design various print materials to highlight their patented technology. We did this by ensuring the designs were professional, user-friendly, and empathetic, so that they could effectively communicate information while fostering trust and engagement.


SBF Healthcare


Website Design, Brochure Design, & Poster Design

💻 Website Design

We did their website design that not only meets the needs of the hospital and its users but also ensures easy access to critical information.

Our Take on the Website Design

Designing a website for a healthcare hospital involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure a user-friendly, informative, and trustworthy online presence. We prioritised content based on user needs, ensuring that critical information is easily accessible.

📘 Brochure Design

We ensured a clutter-free and organised layout for a clear and focused presentation of the information.

📃 Poster Design

Our approach to designing their posters focused on delivering vital information at a glance.

Strategy & Creative Direction: Shriya Seshadri
Lead Graphic Designer: Shriya Seshadri
Graphic Designer: Trisha Biju
UI/UX Designer: Dhiren Raghu, Aazam Sheikh Muhammad

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