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Orvador, a digital marketing brand committed to positive change, focuses on supporting sustainable E-Commerce brands and collaborating with NGOs.

We handled their UI/UX and website design, emphasizing their dedication to sustainability in a simple, modern and professional manner. Additionally, we designed their brochure to align seamlessly with the overall branding.




Digital Marketing
Visual Identity, Website Design, UI/UX, Website Copywriting & Brochure Design

Our Take on the Website Design Approach

In revamping Orvador’s visual identity, we embraced a sleek and contemporary look, reflecting this style in both their website and brochure. Opting for minimal yet striking typography and restrained colors, we aimed for a clean and modern aesthetic. The website’s page layout was meticulously designed for easy navigation and comprehension, prioritizing user experience and information delivery.

Carrying this visual identity into the brochure, we presented crucial information in a modern and engaging manner. Our overarching objective was to reposition Orvador as a cutting-edge, modern digital marketing firm, emphasizing user experience to distinguish them in a competitive landscape. Our strategy focused on crafting a unified, minimalist brand image that conveyed professionalism and innovation.

🖥️ Website Design

We maintained a minimal and modern design approach on the website to capture the desired brand tone.
Orvador Website Design

We designed their brochure, showcasing their services and achievements!

The brochure includes a wide range of their clients, their services, and case studies showcasing their achievements.

Strategy & Creative Direction: Shriya Seshadri
Lead Graphic Designer: Shriya Seshadri
Senior Graphic Designer: Esha Waghdhare
Junior Graphic Designer: Shrin Sinha
UI/UX Designer: Aazam Sheikh Muhammad

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