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Luxmi Estates

As purveyors of the world’s finest teas cultivated across 50,000 acres spanning 25 estates in India and Africa since 1912, Luxmi Tea’s legacy is steeped in excellence. 

Our goal in crafting packaging design for their festive-edit gift boxes was to seamlessly integrate the brand’s rich heritage with a touch of modernity. Following a minimal and sophisticated design aesthetic, we meticulously blended elements from their established branding and brand assets.


Luxmi Estates


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Luxmi Estates Packaging Design

Our Take on the Packaging Design

We carried out packaging design of their festive-edit gift boxes – the Wedding Box, Spring Box, and Winter Box. Our aim was to harmoniously marry the brand’s rich heritage and their established identity and assets with a minimal yet sophisticated design approach.

Each themed box becomes a visual symphony. The Wedding Box radiates with symbols of love and union, the Spring Box bursts forth with the vibrancy of blooming nature, and the Winter Box captures the serene elegance of the season.

Through this fusion of tradition and modernity, our packaging design not only elevates the presentation of the festive-edit gift boxes but also serves as an extension of the brand, ensuring a delightful unboxing experience.

📷 Packaging Design & Photography

We seamlessly integrated their brand assets with our sense of minimal, sophisticated, and modern design aesthetic for their packaging design.
Luxmi Estates Packaging Design
Luxmi Estates Packaging Design
Luxmi Estates Packaging Design
Luxmi Estates Packaging Design
Luxmi Estates Packaging Design
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Luxmi Estates Packaging Design

Strategy & Creative Direction: Shriya Seshadri
Lead Graphic Designer: Shriya Seshadri
Graphic Designer: Esha Waghdhare
Photographer & Videographer: Shreyaa Nevatia

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