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Loud Skin

Loud Skin is a skincare brand dedicated to simplifying and innovating skincare with a focus on the 3R Therapy – Reset, Reboot, and Rejuvenate.

We created compelling social media content, including posts, product photography, and reels, while emphasizing Loud Skin’s commitment to effective skincare. Additionally, we designed a product booklet to provide customers with comprehensive information about the product, ultimately boosting brand awareness and product sales.


Loud Skin


Skincare Products
Social Media & Content, Photography, Videography, Copywriting & Booklet Design


Our Take on their Social Media Approach

We crafted engaging and eye-catching content for Loud Skin’s Instagram, covering posts, product photography, and reels. These followed a design that was bright, fun, and minimalistic.

The idea was to keep it simple yet visually appealing, putting the spotlight on the product to make it look attractive and pleasing to the eye.

📸 Photography & Videography

We kept the photography colours playful and the videography aesthetically pleasing to achieve the desired brand tone.

🤳🏽 Social Media Content Creation

Monthly content creation across graphics, photos, and reels.

We didn't just stop there. We also designed their product booklet!

We utilized the brand assets to design a comprehensive booklet, highlighting the story behind the brand, benefits of their Vitamin C Serum + Booster, and the usage instructions.

Strategy & Creative Direction: Shriya Seshadri
Lead Graphic Designer: Esha Waghdhare
Junior Graphic Designer: Shrin Sinha
Photographer & Videographer: Shreyaa Bazaz
UGC Content Creator: Dimple JK

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