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Anamika Jaisinghani

Label Anamika Jaisinghani is a Designer Label brand which creates unique, made-to-measure pieces, weaving timeless cultural richness and modern dreams into each piece. They prioritize creating high-quality, luxurious pieces that celebrate warmth of community and captivate and leave a lasting memory.

Inspired by India’s rich cultural tapestry, our approach to branding for Anamika Jaisinghani blends contemporary aesthetics with traditional motifs, creating a brand identity that embodies modernity and a deep-rooted connection to heritage. Anamika Jaisinghani celebrates Indian heritage through its exquisite, timeless clothing collection.


Label Anamika Jaisinghani


Designer Label
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Our Take on the Branding and Packaging

Inspired by the rich cultural heritage of India, our approach to Anamika Jaisinghani’s branding and packaging was to create a harmonious blend of modern elegance and traditional motifs. The brand identity exudes timeless charm and sophistication, while the packaging elevates the customer experience, reflecting the luxurious and heritage-rich essence of the brand.


We began by immersing ourselves in the rich cultural tapestry of India, gaining a deep understanding of Anamika Jaisinghani’s vision and values. This phase involved extensive research into traditional motifs and contemporary fashion trends to identify the perfect blend that would resonate with the brand’s target audience.


Next, we distilled our insights to define a clear and compelling brand identity. This involved creating a cohesive visual language that seamlessly integrates modern aesthetics with traditional elements. We focused on developing a sophisticated logo, a distinctive color palette, and an elegant typography style that collectively reflect the brand’s essence.


In the final phase, we brought our vision to life through meticulous design execution. From the intricate logo and visual identity to the luxurious packaging, every element was crafted to embody Anamika Jaisinghani’s ethos of timeless elegance and modern charm. The result is a cohesive brand experience that connects deeply with its audience, honoring tradition while embracing the contemporary.

Strategy & Creative Direction: Shriya Seshadri
Graphic Designer: Esha Waghdhare
Junior Graphic Designer: Navya Singhal

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